DG Epoxy Polyaspartic Floors

Create a gorgeous garage from the ground up with a durable and attractive epoxy floor. At Designer Garages, we perform a three-step process using green materials straight from the manufacturer along with state-of-the-art equipment. Installation is complete in just one to two days, and your new garage floor has a 10-year limited warranty. Here’s how it works:

Designer Garages Flooring
Designer Garages Flooring

Step 1: Your Floor is Prepared for the Application

Our installation process begins with removing your current coated floor if needed, and performing a moisture test on your concrete to determine the most effective products to use. We’ll degrease the floor, fill and repair cracks and divots, and use a commercial-grade vacuum to cut down on dust while giving a very light grind to the surface of your concrete for smoothness and optimal epoxy adhesion.

wicking technology
Prepare Floor

Step 2: The Base Coat and Flakes are Applied

A base coating of colored epoxy is applied using a proprietary formula that wicks deep into the concrete, creating a lasting bond. Then your floor takes on a one-of-a-kind granite appearance using hand-thrown vinyl flakes. These flakes, available in a variety of colors and sizes, add slip-proof traction and provide endless design possibilities.

Step 3: A Durable Top Coat Seals Your Floor

In just a matter of hours after the layers have cured, your garage floor will receive a long-wearing Polyurea top coat sealant. Chemical and abrasion-resistant, the clear gloss finish resists hot tire markings and UV-rays providing an easy-to-clean, non-yellowing finish that will last for years. A day later you can enjoy walking on your new epoxy floor, and in less than a week you can return your car to your beautiful new garage.

finished floor

Visit our showroom in West Knoxville to view and walk on an Epoxy floor

Our experienced Design Team will help you choose from the large variety of finishes available, or can come to you for an appointment in the comfort of your own home.

Chris and his team added cabinets, slat walls, and a workbench/cabinets/drawers to my garage. I can’t express enough how nice it is to have my tools and house hold supplies off of the floor in the garage. Can’t express enough how professional Chris and his installers are. Thank you for the great work!!

Stephen McCray